The relationship between characters Brian Rezza and Chloe King. Some fans refer to them as Chrian or Bloe.
They are the second biggest couple, the first being Chalek. In the books, Chloe and Brian know everything about each other, which leads to Chloe liking him back. He even confessed to her in the first book.

Major moments between them:Edit

  • Chloe meets Brian while working. Later they meet for coffee, which becomes a regular occurence.
  • Brian asks Chloe to come to his father's business gala as his date. Chloe agrees, not knowing who his father is.
  • Brian often confides in Chloe, telling her about his mom and that he suspects that his dad is hiding something.
  • Chloe helped Brian find the information his dad was keeping from him.
  • Brian invites Chloe with him to visit his grandmother. Chloe agrees.
  • When Brian and Chloe arrive at his grandmothers house, they're unable to enter. Brian is ready to give up, but Chloe encourages him not to. Chloe comes up with another plan to get in.
  • Brian doesn't think Chloe's plan of jumping over the hedge to enter the property is a good idea. She reassures him by telling him that she took gymnastics until she was twelve and can make the jump. It's unknown whether this is true or whether she made it up to explain away how she could land on her feet.
  • At Chloe's request, Brian gives her a boost to help her jump over the hedge. He's willing to help her with her plan even though he doesn't agree with it.
  • Chloe could have easily used her Mai abilities to jump over the hedge, but instead asks Brian to give her a boost. This means that, while she trusts Brian, she doesn't trust him enough to show him what she really is.
  • When Chloe lands on the other side, Brian asks if she's okay. She assures him that she's all right.
  • Chloe often tries to stop Brian from kissing her, because she doesn't want to kill him. At the end of Beautiful Day, he kisses her after she gets shot and then dies from her poison. At the end of the episode, we see Chloe crying over his dead body.