The relationship between characters Chloe King and Jasmine.

Chloe first met Jasmine in the Pilot episode, after she stopped Alek from kissing Chloe. Chloe mistakenly assumed Jasmine was Alek's girlfriend, but Amy told her she was Alek's cousin. Alek told her about him wondering if Chloe was Mai or not. They then secretly start watching over her to confirm it which Alek turn out to be right to a point, but then Chloe told them she had die which Jasmine realized she was the Uniter. Jasmine would later take a hit for Chloe with Chloe feeling gulity knowing Jasmine would never took that hit for her if she didn't tell her about Coit Tower. Jasmine soon made a full recovery and helped Chloe fight aganist Scareface for a second time with him ending up dead

Season OneEdit

Throughout season one, the girls grow close and develop a strong friendship. They learn a lot from eachother, from Jasmine, Chloe learns how to fight and defend herself, and from Chloe, Jasmine learns to realize that her relationship with her mother, Valentina, is not normal.

Jasmine Chloe
gradually opens up to Chloe about her life. At first she is hesitant, making excuses for what she says, for example in Green Star, Jasmine tells Chloe that her mother once went away for three months, and called twice. She later covers this up by saying that Valentina was only hard on her because she wanted her to do well. Later, however, in Girls Night Out, she tells Chloe about her first love, who was human. It is clear that Jasmine is still very much in love with the boy, as when Chloe enquired if they could have been friends, Jasmine replies with "You can't be friends with somebody you're in love with."

Jasmine knows about Alek's feelings for Chloe, and because of this, she takes the blame for not contacting Valentina during Dogs of War, which results in a scene of heartbreak as her mother once again tells her how how much she has disapointed her. When asked by Alek why she did what she did, Jasmine tells him she did it because it was both easier for Valentina to accept that she was the one who "screwed it up", but also because she thought Alek did the right thing by believing in Chloe. This is a real insight into Jasmine's character, and shows the depth of love she feels for Alek, as her cousin, and for Chloe, as her friend.