The relationship between characters Chloe King and Meredith King
Nine Lives Mom 01

Chloe and her mother, Meredith, share a very close relationship. Since Chloe's father left them over ten years ago, Meredith has raised Chloe alone. Because of this, she has had to play not only the role of the mother, but also a friend.

Chloe and Meredith are very close, and even though Meredith is not Chloe's biological mother, this does not stop them from loving each-other as mother and daughter should do.

The pair even have their own inside jokes and personal vocabulary, such as "Implied" when the other says "I love you." However they're currently keeping secrets from each other. Meredith about Chloe's past and Chloe about being Mai. Chloe consider telling her about being Mai, but after hearing what happen to Alek. She doesn't mostly likely so she won't be abandon by Meredith like her father did to her.