Mia Dominick
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Amelia Anastasia Rose "Mia" Dominick Rosales Forbes
Also Known As

Buffy, Xena, Judge, Jury and Executioner, Princess, The Cat, Cold-hearted Bitch (by Andre`)

Ma (by her children)
Loinfruit (by Sona)
Firstborn, Beautiful Daughter (by Ben)
Sweetheart (by Anna)
Lamia Princess (Title)
Frost, Bastard Child (by Charlie)
Darling, Love (both by Andre, Bastian and Klaus)
Bitch, Whore, Cow, Hybrid Slut, Evil Lamia Slut, Angel Wench, Blood Bag, Stupid Human Girl, Orphan, Granny (by Jack)
One-Woman Army (by Winnie)
One Woman Homewrecking Crew, Crazy Bitch Mia (by Mimi)
Biscuit (by Tristan)
Little Vampy Girl (by Diego)

Mi Amor (by Valentina, Rhea, Sona and Etta)
18 (Series Start)
33-34 (Series End)
Date of Birth
September 19, 1998
Date of Death
({{{Death Ep}}})
Hybrid (Angel, Demon)
Family Members
Anna Dominick † (adoptive mother)

Johnathan Dominick † (adoptive father, deceased)
Sona Vera (biological mother)
Ben Morgenstern (biological father, deceased)
Nissa Conta (maternal half-sister) Zoe Park-Sampson (maternal half-sister) Scarlett Marshall-Morgenstern (paternal half-sister,deceased)
Four Unknown Paternal Half-Siblings
Diego Rosales (Late Husband; Former Widow)
Andre Forbes (Husband)
Vera Forbes (daughter)
Kat Forbes (daughter)
Sophie Forbes (daughter)
Amadeus Forbes (son)
Nanea Forbes (daughter)
Nalani Forbes (daughter)
Kiri Forbes (daughter)
Tyra Forbes (daughter)
Imara Forbes (daughter)
Vera's Unborn Baby (grandchild)
Jessica Vera-Maxwell (adoptive aunt,deceased)
Ric Maxwell (adoptive uncle)
Malcolm Dominick (adoptive uncle, deceased)
Allison (adoptive cousin, deceased)
Rhea Vera (maternal grandmother)
Charlie Vera (maternal grandfather)
Elodie Blackthorn (paternal grandmother)
Oscar Morgenstern (paternal grandfather)
Mr. Tanner (former foster father-in-law, deceased)
Mrs. Tanner (former foster mother-in-law, deceased)
Stephen Forbes (father-in-law, deceased)

Celine Forbes (mother-in-law, deceased)
Portrayed By
Alexis Bledel
Steffani Brass (Young Mia)
First Seen
The Chosen
Last Seen
Series Finale
Appeared In
Mentioned In
3 Episodes of Wolf Pact