Whitney Rezza
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South Africa
Family Members
Evelyn Rezza (wife, deceased)

Brian Rezza (son)
Olivia Rezza (mother)

Alek Petrov (half-brother)
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Whitney Rezza was an antagonistic character in the The Nine Lives of Chloe King series. He was first introduced in "Pilot", and is played by South African actor David S. Lee.

Whitley is a member of The Order, who has a personal vendetta against the Mai, whom he blames for the death of his wife, Evelyn Rezza, when he had actually murdered her himself. He had been trying to get rid of Chloe through Scarface, up until Scarface's death in "Green Star".

He is still unaware that his son, Brian, knows and is in love with Chloe. After Valentina threatened Whitley in "All Apologies", to stay away from Chloe, he was very shaken and told Brian to go back to college in order to be safe. But instead of leaving, Brian told Whitley he wanted to enter the family 'business'.

Whitley agreed to let Brian work with him, with the only condition that he must endure it for three months, or else he leaves for college. Whitley does not know how the Uniter looks like, since he was not able to tell her apart when he first met her in the art gallery, but wants see her die up close and in person. In "Beautiful Day" Olivia tells Brian that Whitley was always reckless then he met Evelyn. Then when Brian was four years old, he and his mother had a falling out. Never speaking again to each other, Whitley is unware that Simone and his mother were ploting with each other. At the end of "Beautiful Day" he pretends to be a realtor agent to Meredith. In the released screenplay, it was revealed that his mother had Whitley's wife killed. She also put something in his drink, which caused him to die.